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Roller Chain :- Rolon & Renold :
This is the World's finest specification industrial chain, Rolon & Renold chains provides a significant chain advantage for hundreds of applications coping with operating conditions that are hot or cold, wet or dry, dusty or requiring cleanliness and all of these solutions combine excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance with a long, reliable working life.

Roller Chain drive defination :
It is a way of transmitting mechanical power from one place to another. It is often used to convey power to the wheels of a vehicle, particularly bicycles and motorcycles. It is also used in a wide variety of machines besides vehicles.

Most often, the power is conveyed by a roller chain, known as the drive chain or transmission chain passing over a sprocket gear, with the teeth of the gear meshing with the holes in the links of the chain. The gear is turned, and this pulls the chain putting mechanical force into the system.

Sometimes the power is output by simply rotating the chain, which can be used to lift or drag objects.

Working with us gives you access to a Total Care Package for all your chain requirements.
Other chains include :

1) A&S Chain
2) Small and large pitch (4mm up to 4 inch) chain
3) Attachment Chain
4) Hollow bearing pin chain
5) Nickel-plated chain
6) Zinc plated chain
7) Extended pitch chain
8) Sidebow chain
9) Cranked link chain
10) Oilfield chain

Industrial Chains : Rolon & Renold designs and manufactures high performance transmission chain that is focused on the key areas of wear resistance and fatigue resistance.

When you select our chain you can be sure that you are reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity. For a standard drive chain that combines a wide waisted plate shape, for extra fatigue resistance, with an end-softened spin riveted pin for easy installation, choose the Standard Chain link above. For high specification chains designed to tackle the challenges of corrosion, abrasion, lack of lubrication or shock loadings discover the Solutions Chain range. Delivering significantly longer working life than a standard chain can achieve this range helps you to pick the right chain.

British Standards ANSI Standards
Roller Chains : Simplex Roller Chains : Simplex
Roller Chains : Duplex Roller Chains : Duplex
Roller Chains : Triplex Roller Chains : Triplex
  Roller Chains : Quadruplex
Leaf Chains Attachments on chains
DIN / ANSI Standard - Light / Heavy Series M1 Attachment
M2 Attachment
K1 Attachment
  K2 Attachment
Extended Pin Chains