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Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor



We offer Gravity, Drive Roller Conveyors in various widths and flexible lengths. Straight and curve modules are offered for each conveyor type.

Drive roller conveyors allow application possibilities such as segmentation of products, stopping and storage.

Applications :
• Assembly
• Material Handling
• Accumulation
• Diverting
• Transfers

Roller diameter 50 mm Steen ZN
Conveyor width B 380, 480, 580 and 680 mm
Max. load to 55 kg/m and 275 kg total load depending on frame width and roller type


Types of Roller Conveyors

Types of Roller Conveyors


Applications :

Gravity roller conveyor (Idler)
a. Straight
b. Curve

Powered/Driven roller conveyor
a. PU Cord driven
b. Timer belt
c. Chain
d. Accumulation Roller
e. Curve